DataXchanger is an easy to learn, easy to use XML/XBRL universal data aggregation, mapping and export flow-through financial management solution. DataXchanger was built from the non-IT savvy, financial professional user perspective. The XBRL taxonomy presentation on the user's screen is in a conventional financial report format. XBRL is 'under the hood' in DataXchanger. Users need only be proficient financial accounting and management professionals to garner the full ROI benefits of DataXchanger.

DataXchanger is unique to other XBRL tools and solutions in that it:

  • Imports and exports data at both the General Ledger and Financial Reports level.

The two tier mapping ability allows DataXchanger to be:

  • an internal corporate multi-utilitarian data aggregation and report solution
  • an efficient external financial report preparation and export solution.

DataXchanger is a viable XBRL option for SMEs because it interfaces front and back with Microsoft Office solutions.

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